How to Watch William Shatner Go Into Space

Last week, Blue Origin announced that it would take Star Trek actor William Shatner into space. At 90 years old, the actor who plate Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise in the Star Trek: The Original Series and seven subsequent films will become the oldest person ever to go into space when he launches aboard the New Shepard NS-18. He joins fellow crew members Audrey Powers (Blue Origin's Vice President of Mission & Flight Operations), Chris Boshuizen, and Glen de Vries. That space flight is taking place today. Blue Origin is live-streaming the event, launching the stream T-90 minutes from the launch time of 9 a.m. C.T. 

The stream is now live. You can watch it take place in the video embedded below.

Best known for playing Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Shatner has also starred in T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal. He's also a director, recording artist, and horseman. According to the press release, Shatner "has long wanted to travel to space." He will become the oldest person to venture into outer space. "I've heard about space for a long time now. I'm taking the opportunity to see it for myself. What a miracle," Shatner said in that press release.

Currently, Shatner hosts and executive produces The UnXplained on The History Channel. From the producers of Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island, The UnXplained is a one-hour non-fiction series that explores the world's most fascinating, strange, and inexplicable mysteries.

Previously, Shatner admitted that he remains terrified of journeying into space. He said, "I'm terrified. I'm Captain Kirk and I'm terrified. I'm not really terrified-yes I am. It comes and goes like a summer cold. I'm planning on putting my nose against the window (while in space) and my only hope is I won't see someone else looking back."

Blue Origin is a privately funded aerospace manufacturer that conducts sub-orbital spaceflights. founder Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000. In July, the company had its first crewed mission with Bezos himself part of the New Shepard's crew. Saturday Night Live poked fun at Bezos' interstellar ambitions with a well-timed Star Trek parody during its season premiere.

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