Star Wars: New Galaxy of Adventures Episodes Gets Trailer

Star Wars fans have suffered through a number of droughts when it comes to animated content, though we are currently in luck and have an embarrassment of riches, as we not only have new episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to look forward to on Disney+ every week, but now we have new episodes of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures to look forward to, the first of which being set to debut on March 13th. While these stories don't necessarily deliver audiences new content, as they repurpose iconic pieces of dialogue from various points in the franchise, the animation style allows younger viewers to consume these stories from an all-new perspective. Check out the trailer for the new episodes above.

Join Rey, Kylo Ren, BB-8, Leia Organa, and more as Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures returns with exciting all-new shorts. Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures is a series of animated shorts celebrating the characters and stories of a galaxy far, far away, featuring a bright and colorful art style, exciting action, and insight into the saga's greatest themes!

Given the power of storytelling evidenced in the Star Wars saga, the lessons of the series are inspiring to audiences of all ages. However, some of the more intense moments might be difficult for younger viewers to digest, with Galaxy of Adventures allowing audiences of all ages to enjoy the stories without being overwhelmed by a film's intensity.

“With Galaxy of Adventures, we wanted to craft something that allowed parents to help their kids take their first step into a much larger world whether they were ready to show their kids the films or wanted to find new ways to explore the content,” James Waugh, Lucasfilm’s vice president for franchise content and strategy, shared with when the series was revealed.

The short-form storytelling allows audiences to more easily digest some of the more complex and nuanced themes throughout the saga.

“It allows us to really drill into moments, to tell simple stories, unencumbered by the needs of a traditional narrative structure — it’s allowing the creators to play more, experiment more,” Waugh explained. “Creating content that is unabashedly for kids in this bite-sized, unique animated form, allowed new moments to evolve out of the old, new ways to look at the content, and ultimately expanded the potential of how Star Wars should look and feel. Hopefully it expands the horizons of younglings everywhere on their path to becoming Padawans and ultimately Jedi Knights.”


Check out new episodes of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures beginning March 13th on and the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.

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