Daniel Craig Reveals How He Landed His Star Wars: The Force Awakens Role

As some Star Wars fans may already know, James Bond star Daniel Craig stealthily sneaked into 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a cameo role as a Stormtrooper. Craig's involvement in the film surprised anyone who saw his name in the credits. Notably, Craig's voice while playing the First Order Stormtrooper didn't sound like the one fans would have expected. In a new interview, Craig revealed how his Star Wars role came about. He reveals that he plain asked for the bit role when he heard that one of his colleagues on SPECTRE was involved with the other film.

"I think we were doing SPECTRE, and all of our crew were on Star Wars. Ben Dixon, who was our seconding (Second Assistant Director), a great lovely man Ben Dixon, he was on seconding and I kind of went to, I had to go into Pinewood to, I don't know what I had to go to Pinewood for, to do some fitting or something," Craig revealed during a special BAFTA retrospective (H/T The Daily Express). "And I said to Ben, I said, 'Part for me?". And he was like, 'Are you serious?' I was like, 'Yeah.' And he went, 'I'll go ask J.J.' And he came back and said, 'Yeah.'"

He continued, "Thing was, I thought 'background stormtrooper.' I mean, I wanted to do that guy that bumps his head in the original one, you know that person who drops his lightsaber or something....Then I was in a whole f***ing scene, I was like, 'OK!' And we did the scene and then I just thought they'll loop me, they'll put another voice on it, you know. Then I had to spend like three hours with JJ on a looping session like doing all the dialogues. Like, 'Really, you want me to do this? Get someone else to do this!'"

In addition to Craig, other minor cameos that popped up in Star Wars: The Force Awakens included composer Michael Giacchino, J.J.'s father Gerald W. Abrams, Judah Friedlander, and Kevin Smith.


Craig can next be seen in No Time to Die, his final appearance as James Bond, which arrives in theaters October 8. We can't say for certain if he'll ever return to the galaxy far, far away but that seems more likely than him taking on another James Bond movie.