James Bond's Biggest Villains Get Their Own Board Game

Play as one of several classic James Bond villains in the upcoming SPECTRE: The Board Game by Modiphius Entertainment. Polygon was the first to report on the new board game, which will be released in Spring 2022. The new game places classic Bond villains like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Rosa Klebb, and Raoul Silva in the hands of players as they vie for control of the evil SPECTRE terrorist organization. Over the course of the game, players will try to complete schemes by sending their enforcers or villains to various locations. As players try to complete their own tasks, James Bond moves across the board guided by a dice roll, blocking certain locations or forcing players to reveal their "secret plans" to the other players. The key to SPECTRE: The Board Game is figuring out ways to hinder your opponents while simultaneously completing your own missions.

The game will also allow players to build various super-weapons such as superlasers and utilize their villain's unique abilities to take control of the battlefield.

While the James Bond franchise has released countless pieces of tie-in merchandise over the years, there have been remarkably few James Bond board games. Milton Bradley released a Secret Agent 007 board game back in 1964, but recent James Bond tabletop games have been mostly limited to licensed spin-offs of popular games like Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly, or tie-ins with larger game franchises like Legendary. Modiphius has had success with bringing movie and video game franchises to life on the tabletop, so it's exciting to see their take on the classic James Bond franchise.

The James Bond franchise is gearing up for a big 2021, as MGM is set to finally release No Time to Die in October. This will be the 25th James Bond movie and will be the last to star Daniel Craig as the suave super-spy. Speculation has already grown about who will be the next to play Bond after Craig's departure, with names like Henry Cavill and Rege-Jean Page being dropped by various Hollywood insiders.


SPECTRE: The Board Game will be released in Spring 2022. No retail price has been announced yet.