Disneyland Shortening Star Wars: Rise of Resistance Ride Due to California Health Rules

With Disneyland set to officially reopen tomorrow after more than a year closed, details of how [...]

With Disneyland set to officially reopen tomorrow after more than a year closed, details of how the park will operate differently to maintain state mandated restriction have started to surface including the shortening of rides. The LA Times reports that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, a ride that typically lasts 18-minute as riders navigate through a First Order Star Destroyer and interact with various characters from the sequel trilogy, will be making some cuts as California has mandated "all indoor rides last no longer than 15 minutes." According to the outlet, Disneyland officials have told them that "the ride's major plot points will remain intact" for all riders.

To cut down on time spent inside, reps for Disneyland said they'll cut down on "dwelling points" in the ride, moments where prospective riders stand or walk through areas leading up to the actual ride. They also note that moments like a speech delivered by Daisy Ridley's Rey "may also be shortened." One way that the parks will be able to help cut down on time spent inside by riders is that they're expanding on virtual queueing system, allowing park visitors to "stand in line" without actually needing to be in the queue.

As Disney fans prepared to return for Disneyland they were met with another kind of headache in the form of trying to get tickets to the parks. Many prospective park goers were met with hours-long waiting times online to secure an entry back to Disneyland, but this was done purposefully since the demand was so high.

"We are experiencing high demand given the historic nature of the Disneyland Resort's reopening," a spokesperson previously said. "To deliver a strong guest experience, we are deliberately pulsing guests through the system. Wait times may be several hours or more depending on when you joined the queue."

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was only open for a few months before Disneyland was forced to close down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In that brief time that it was available though, riders and Star Wars fans quickly came to love it and the ride even became an award winner. In November of last year the Themed Entertainment Association awarded the ride (as well as Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway) their Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement – Attraction

TEA said of Rise of the Resistance, "the most technologically advanced theme park attraction in existence today… the entire attraction, from front to back, is one massive magic trick that leaves riders gobsmacked and represents the absolute pinnacle of how our industry can entertain an audience at a theme park."