Eternals Director Chloe Zhao Would Love to Make Kevin Feige's Star Wars Movie

Marvel's Eternals is a few weeks away from arriving in theaters, bringing Chloe Zhao's take on the Marvel Comics mythos to life on the big screen. Fans have definitely been curious to see how Zhao approaches a blockbuster context, and given her wide array of influences on the film, some are curious to see if another franchise — maybe even a galaxy far, far away — could be in the cards. In a recent interview with The Playlist, Zhao was asked if she would potentially be interested in directing a Star Wars movie — particularly, the one Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is spearheading.

"I would, I'll do anything Kevin asked me to do," Zhao revealed with a laugh.

Zhao was previously asked about the topic of Star Wars in an interview earlier this year, and while she had to "tread very carefully" with her answer, she acknowledged that she would be open to the opportunity.

"Hmmmm. I have to tread very carefully with what I say here," Zhao replied with a laugh at the time. "Yes. Let's just say, it's a world I have so much reverence for because it was such an important part of my life." 

Feige's Star Wars film has already courted a name familiar to MCU fans, with Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness writer Michael Waldron currently penning the project.

"I think the success of the MCU is, for all the amazing science-fiction and concepts and all that stuff; ultimately the success is built upon the characters, their humanity, their very relatable conflicts, friendships, and the family that is the MCU," Waldron explained in an interview with GQ earlier this year. "And I think Star Wars, at its best, is a story about family. Han, Luke, and Leia were a family; you love seeing them together, and you hated it when they were split apart. It's great characters. That's nothing new. I am not going to blow anybody's mind with that headline-but that's my biggest takeaway."

"It's very early days on [Star Wars]. That's probably the thing I can say least about, unfortunately," Waldron added. "The thing Kevin Feige shares in common with Dan Harmon and with Sam Raimi is an absolute collaborative spirit and a remarkable lack of ego given what he's accomplished. Kevin is a great listener. He wants to hear your ideas, take in how you might do something, and then help you make it better. Beyond all that, he's just a cool guy."

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