Loki Writer Michael Waldron Breaks Silence on His Star Wars Project With Kevin Feige

Loki's Michael Waldron has skyrocketed in recent years as a writer in Hollywood. His career began as an assistant on the Dan Harmon created comedy Community, leading to him working on the hit animated series Rick and Morty. From there his work won him the job of head writer on Marvel's Loki, co-writing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for the House of Ideas, and even a Star Wars project with Marvel head Kevin Feige and an overall deal with Disney. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Waldron offered his first public comments about the project he's developing in that galaxy far, far away.

"You've heard all my references here. Star Wars! Indiana Jones! [Kathleen Kennedy], she's made so many of my favorite movies," Waldron told the outlet. "To to get to collaborate with both of those entities is a dream come true." The writer also spoke about his childhood influences, noting that Star Wars was among them. "I grew up a pro-wrestling guy, probably more of a Star Wars guy," he said, "but my love of Marvel came from the movies." It's worth noting Waldron gets to have a hand in all three of those things, having also created the Stephen Amell Starz wrestling drama Heels.

Dan Harmon, who has worked with Waldron on three different shows, also spoke to the outlet about his collaborator's work ethic and how he thinks he'll be able to fit into the realm of Star Wars.

"Star Wars is definitely sticky because if you make a certain brand of nerd happy, you're actually middle fingering an adjacent breed of nerd," Harmon said. "If you take it too seriously, you're doing it wrong. If you don't take it seriously enough, you're definitely doing it wrong. It needs that total joy of the greatest franchise ever, along with a kind of swagger. I do think that Waldron would make a good match for that, but I don't know if he would make a good match for the machine that's carrying that stuff."

The good news for Waldrson is that not only is he a Star Wars guy, but Kevin Feige very much is too. Earlier this year the producer wouldn't offer a specific update on his film in the franchise, but noted to ScreenRant:


"It's all stuff I love, and everything regarding Star Wars is not anywhere near talking about," Feige said. "So is Marvel. But if I wasn't being paid to do it, I would be [thinking about Star Wars] here in my basement just with my toys, and nobody would ever see it. It's what I think about all the time."

Check back here for more details on Kevin Feige and Michael Waldron's Star Wars project as we learn about them.