Mark Hamill Selling Signed Star Wars Items for First Time in Years To Raise Money for Ukraine

Mark Hamill has been known best as Luke Skywalker ever since the original Star Wars was released back in 1977, and he's never shied away from the fandom. In addition to attending conventions, the actor is also very active on social media and frequently shares hilarious jokes about the franchise and posts interesting behind-the-scenes information. However, it's been a while since Hamill sold Star Wars memorabilia. In a new interview with Politico, the actor revealed he will be selling signed posters to raise money for the Ukrainian army's drone supply during their ongoing war against Russia.

"We decided to sign Star Wars posters, a limited amount," Hamill explained. "For real hardcore collectors – especially those that have disposable income – you can get way more money ... than you would imagine." It's currently unclear how many posters will be up for sale, but Hamill said the idea of "having hundreds and thousands of people enter [a competition or auction], that's smart." 

Hamill revealed he hasn't sold any autographed items since Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released in 2017. "It's just not something I do," he explained. The actor said he's happy to sell some items in order to support Ukraine, whose fight against Russia is "nothing short of inspirational."

Hamill explained that one thing he learned from his time making Star Wars films is doing the "right thing for the good of everyone, rather than being all about self-interest." However, he made it clear comparing the fictional universe with the real-life war shouldn't trivialize "the true horrors of what Ukrainians face." He clarified, "One is really a fairy tale for children, originally that's what Star Wars was. And the reality, the stark reality of what's going on in Ukraine, is harrowing."

Politico has revealed the poster sale will begin next week ahead of the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine. The money raised from the sale will go to the Ukrainian fundraising platform United24. Hamill added that he's "thrilled" that the fundraising project has become a "massive, worldwide event." He added, "Anything I can do, however small it is, is something I feel obligated to do."

"The light will win over darkness. I believe in this, our people believe in this," President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told Hamill during a video call last year. You can learn more about United24 here.