The Millennium Falcon Gets Its Own 3D Coaster Set

First there was the Star Trek Enterprise 3D coaster set, then Star Wars got into the game with a version for the Death Star. Now it's the Millennium Falcon's turn, and it might be the coolest set of the series.

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(Photo: ThinkGeek)

Like the previous versions, the Millennium Falcon set features a cross section of the ship rendered in the style of a technical drawing that's separated onto six glass coasters. When stacked, it generates a 3D effect. It's the ship that made the Condensation Run in under 12 parsecs, and you can get it here.

Oh, and if you really want to get a theme going on your coffee table, I highly recommend adding this book into the mix. It feels like the book and the coaster set belong together. The complete list of specs for the Millennium Falcon coaster set is available below.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon - Coaster Set
• Officially-licensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise
• A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
• 6 piece coaster set with cross-sections from the Millennium Falcon
• When stacked, you can see the Millennium Falcon in 3D
• Rubber feet keep the coasters from scratching your table
• Design is printed on the top and underside for an extra 3D effect
• Materials: Glass
• Care Instructions: Hand wash only
• Imported
• Dimensions: 4" square x 1/4" thick (entire stack is 1 1/4" tall)
• Weight: 3 oz. each