New 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Poster Revealed

The promotional blitz for Lucasfilm's latest foray into the Star Wars galaxy continues with a newly revealed poster.

French retailer E.Leclerc debuted a brand new poster for Solo: A Star Wars Story that has yet to be seen elsewhere. It's unclear if the poster will appear in theaters or on promotional material, but it is something fans will likely enjoy seeing on their own walls. Take a look below:

(Photo: E.Leclerc)

This is yet another new poster that has surfaced in the wake of the controversy from the initial series of theater one sheets. Those original posters brought about allegations of plagiarism from a series of soul and funk music compilation album covers. Since then, international posters removed the text and design that made the posters appear similar.

That was but one of the many controversies that seemed to plague the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which only seemed to mount after the original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired from the film.

But Ron Howard has since replaced those two and has shot enough footage to take credit as the sole director on the film. The movie is apparently on track for its May release date. In fact, it seems like Disney and Lucasfilm are confident enough in Solo that they plan to screen it at Cannes Film Festival earlier in the month.

The movie appears to be borrowing heavily from the discarded Legends canon, formerly referred to as the Extended Universe.

Comedic characters from the Dark Horse Comics series Tag and Bink are set to make their cinematic debut in Solo: A Star Wars Story. And then there's the inclusion of the planet called Mimban, which first appeared in the Star Wars novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye that was going to serve as the sequel to the original movie.

But one of the most interesting revelations is the fact that the villain Enfys Nest is the leader of a gang of marauders known as the Cloud Riders, a swoop bike gang that was created for the old Marvel Comics Star Wars series.

Between Avengers: Infinity War and this new Star Wars movie, Disney is hoping to rule the box office before the summer blockbuster season has a chance to get going.

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters on May 25th.


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(h/t E.Leclerc via Heroic Hollywood)