Someone Compared Baby Yoda to Chris Evans and the Pictures Are Priceless

We can probably all agree that at least two beings in this world are universally loved: Chris Evans and Baby Yoda. The Captain America star is always warming hearts on social media and getting a lot of love from fans whether they're defending him after his accidental photo leak or enjoying photos of his beloved dog Dodger. As for Baby Yoda, the Mandalorian star is more popular than ever these days with people talking about everything from his adorable macaroon mishap to comparing him to Baby Groot. Considering how much of the Internet loves them both, it's no surprise to see Evans and Baby Yoda be compared online. In fact, Twitter user @fallcevans recently created an adorable thread comparing the two.

"Chris Evans as Baby Yoda - a thread," they wrote. You can check out some of the posts below:

To view more of the adorable side by side photos, check out the full thread here.

You may recall that Evans also was a hot topic on social media this time last year when Knives Out was released in theatres. Everyone was talking about the actor's sweater, so it was no surprise that someone put Baby Yoda in the cozy look. Evans even reacted to it! During an interview with Esquire, Evans commented on the Star Wars character's look and learned a little something about air pods, which was hilarious.

"Next is, what I’m assuming is Baby Yoda, is he wearing air buds? What are they called? Air pods? Air buds?” When the folks clarified it’s “air pods,” he asked, “Where did I get buds from?” They explained that air buds are also a thing and he said, “Hang the **** up.” Evans gets back to Baby Yoda and adds, “Yes, he’s wearing the sweater, which was one of those memeable things. Memeable? Is that a word? It’s hard to say. Not an easy word… We’re done.” You can watch the full clip in the video here.


As for Evans' career, the actor will soon be seen in the blockbuster spy thriller, The Gray Man, alongside Ryan Gosling. Based on the book by Mark Greaney of the same name, Joe Russo penned the script which got a polish from Avengers: Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Gosling stars in the film as freelance assassin and former CIA operative Court Gentry, who is hunted around the globe by former ally Lloyd Hansen (Evans). The current expectation is that Gosling will return for sequels after The Gray Man is released. The film is set to begin production in January.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian drops new episodes on Disney+ on Fridays.