Star Wars #24 Introduces Key Easter Egg Phrase in Huttese

It's a good week for Star Wars fans when two issues from Marvel Comics come out to expand the universe. The flagship Star Wars shipped #24 today, and Poe Dameron #7 also hit the shelves. The flagship series, continuing with writer Jason Aaron (who has been writing it since launch) and artist Jorge Molina, has been intense, showing the Rebels using guerilla and Trojan Horse tactics to fight against an increasingly imposing Empire. While the series started just after Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, it's clear that the Empire didn't reel from the loss of the Death Star for too long, and has since recovered.

But hidden inside each issue of the series sit some great Easter Eggs, some amazing new characters, and a broadening of the Star Wars galaxy. In this week's issue of Star Wars, we got an old, familiar phrase, one that's been uttered by many, many characters across the films, TV series, comics, novels, and video games: "I have a bad feeling about this." In variations, that line has been uttered at least twenty times on screen alone, and is usually followed by Star Wars fans chuckling, cheering, and then getting suddenly tense.

In Star Wars #24, the line is said in a wholly unique way we've never seen before: Huttese. When Luke Skywalker and Sana Starros move through the Rebels' stolen Star Destroyer investigating some missing crew members, Sana utters the words, "I've got a dopo me goola about all this." Yes, that's Huttese for "bad feeling," as Luke clarifies with her directly thereafter.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

According to Wookieepedia (time for an update, folks!) this marks the twenty-fourth known phrase in Huttese, and one that can be used by fans in oh so many situations. About to bite into some very spicy food? "Dopo me goola!" Skydiving for the first time? "Dopo me goola!" Settling in for an internet argument over what the best Star Wars movie is? Don't, it's all opinion and fun anyway! I mean - "Dopo me goola!"

This sort of thing being put into a Star Wars comic is part of what makes the world outside the core films so exciting. While it's not necessary to any understanding of the story in anyway, little translations like this enrich that galaxy - and give you a great, geeky inside joke to make with your fellow Star Wars fans.


Star Wars ships monthly from Marvel Comics. The next Star Wars film in theaters is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story coming December 16, 2016.