Star Wars: Andor Episodes 11 & 12 Release Dates, Season 2 Info

Star Wars: Andor is a slow-burn hit over on Disney+, with many calling it one of the best Star Wars projects ever – not to mention one of the best TV shows of 2022. That said, Andor is still admittedly building its way to the kind of viewership that shows like House of the Dragon or The Mandalorian have attracted – and it seems not everyone even watching the show is certain of how many episodes Andor will have, or what details there are about Season 2. 

With Andor Episode 10 making the biggest buzz yet for the series (at the time of writing this), here's what you need to know about what Disney and Lucasfilm have planned for Andor:

Andor Episode 11 Release Date

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There is some misconception that Andor Episode 10 and its big prison break were the finale of season 1. Not so. Andor was always planned to be a 12-episode season, so twelve is what we're going to get. 

Andor Episode 11 will be available to stream on Disney+ starting at midnight PST (3am EST) on Wednesday, November 16th. 

While plot details have not been revealed, it will presumably be the start of a final arc that brings the various characters and storylines together. 

Andor Episode 12 Release Date

Andor Episode 12 will be available to stream on Disney+ starting at midnight PST (3am EST) on Wednesday, November 23rd. 

Plot details have not been revealed, but some kind of final showdown between the core characters is expected. 

Andor Season 2: What We Know So Far 

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Lucasfilm and Disney committed to Andor Season 2 early on, as part of showrunner Tony Gilroy's overall vision for the series. Like Season 1, Andor Season 2 will feature 12 episodes, broken into mutli-episodes "arcs" or "blocks." 

While Andor Season 2 has no official release date, Tony Gilroy recently revealed production will start just before Thanksgiving of this year. 

It's previously been teased that Andor Season 2 will feature jumps in time from 5 years before the events of Rogue One (when Season 1 takes place), ending right where Cassian Andor's (Diego Luna) mission in Rogue One begins. 

It's been revealed that Andor Season 2 directors will include Ariel Kleiman (Yellowjackets, The Resort) Janus Metz (All the Old Knives) and Alonso Ruizpalacios (Narcos: Mexico). Kleiman will take on the same role as Toby Haynes in Season 1, directing six episodes that are split into two blocks.

Tony Gilroy, his brother Dan Gilroy, and Beau Willimon (House of Cards) will be returning to write Andor Season 2. Joining the Star Wars franchise will be Tom Bissell who Gilroy calls a "really cool and really, really interesting, versatile, really good writer. But also a very, very, very big Star Wars fan, which we really wanted to make sure we had another pro because we're going into Rogue [One]." 

Where Can I Watch Andor? 

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Andor streams exclusively on Disney+. HOWEVER, Disney is running a special promotion where Andor will air its first two episodes on TV networks – including ABC, FX, Freeform, and Hulu beginning November 23rd and lasting for limited engagements. 

Here is where and when you can watch Andor on TV.