Star Wars Celebration Reveals New Speeder Bike for 'The Mandalorian'

With Star Wars Celebration gearing up for some major reveals of the upcoming film and TV shows, fans are already getting a sneak peek at what to expect before the year 2019 wraps up. Star Wars: Episode IX might be at the forefront of every fan's mind, but there's a lot of anticipation for the first live-action series set to debut on Disney+ later this year, The Mandalorian.

Fans got their first look at a brand new speeder bike that was used for The Mandalorian, on display on the floor of Celebration taking place in Chicago this week. was on hand, and you can see our photos of the new speeder bike below.

star wars the mandalorian speeder bike celebration
(Photo: Dan Levine /

Of course, we knew the series would prominently feature planets and locations in the Outer Rim, which is the region of the known galaxy where Tatooine exists. So the fact that this is an "Outer Rim Speeder Bike" isn't surprising, but the description of the prop offers some intriguing new details:

"On the rugged frontier worlds of the galaxy, vehicles like speeder bikes endure harsh elements and are overworked with little down-time for maintenance. This Mobquet Zephyr-J model has had most of its unneeded bells and whistles stripped off to be functional above all else."

It looks like The Mandalorian will be matching the tone and aesthetic of the original Star Wars trilogy, which mostly took place on the Outer Rim and unsettled planets and moons where the Rebellion and Empire could do their dirty work away from the unsuspecting citizens. Of course, the prequels and sequels took us to locations with diverse populations, showing off better technology for the people to take advantage of.

So with The Mandalorian featuring the Outer Rim, and possibly even Tatooine, it makes sense that the vehicles will be grimy and bare, constantly being tweaked for the purpose of efficiency.

We're likely to learn a lot more about The Mandalorian when Lucasfilm conducts their spotlight panel this Sunday as part of Star Wars Celebration.

The Mandalorian is expected to launch with the Disney+ streaming platform later this year.


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