Star Wars: Best Look at Dark Side Rey's Double Lightsaber Revealed

One of the lasting images from this year’s D23 Expo was the reveal of a dark version of Rey from [...]

One of the lasting images from this year's D23 Expo was the reveal of a dark version of Rey from Star Wars. By the time the reveal had occurred, screengrabs of the sick lightsaber she was using on-screen were all over social media. Now, people on Reddit have gotten the closest look yet at the unique weapon. The twin-sided blade is sitting on some sort of display with a helpful name tag on the front in case you would ever be able to miss what this thing is. "Dark Rey," as she's been referred to on social media, sent most of the conversation around Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker spiraling in a bunch of different directions ahead of the December reveal. Even as trailers continue to surface, (there was a nifty new one just this morning during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade), a lot of the larger structure of the film remains up in the air. Fans are left to wonder if Dark Rey is a vision that the heroine will get over the course of the film, or if there will be an extended period where she will fall to Dark Side. However it goes, people still want some answers, and they're pretty close to getting them.

The star of the upcoming film made a stop by The Tonight Show and took a second to talk about her seeming turn to the Dark Side with Jimmy Fallon. The actress revealed a subtle hint about the nature of "Dark Rey" in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Dark Side Rey Lightsaber closer look (EFX Collectibles) from r/StarWarsLeaks

She began, "That's 'Dark Rey'... I honestly felt like I know know what a viral sensation is - because I was one. It was really exciting because it dropped at a convention, and then the trailer didn't come ou for three days. So my mom was texting me, being like, 'What is this I've seen on Twitter? Do you go dark?' And I was like 'We'll have to wait and see!'"

Ridley also told Adoro Cinema playing Rey's Dark Side was super enjoyable. Beyond that, she was mum on any further details about how that development happens in the film. "It's fun to play someone's best version, and then the worst," Daisy Ridley said to the collected media in Los Angeles. "It's an amazing thing to do as an actress, but we can't do it often. ... I felt very good. That's the most I can say, unfortunately."

She added that there was another scene filmed in front of the crew that brought some emotions about people. "There was a scene that touched me a lot," Ridley explained. "It was our last day shooting in Jordan and the natural light was fading. And it was so exciting. It was just a short scene, we filmed very fast, but the crew was shaken in a way I had not seen before. And I thought, 'My God, if this is people's immediate reaction when the scene isn't even ready, imagine what it will be like to see it in the movies, with the John Williams soundtrack and all that.'"