Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Unveils Massive Millennium Falcon Fries

Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge is roaring at full throttle in 2020 and a new snack item will likely capture your attention on social media. The park has brought out a brand new menu selection themed around the Millennium Falcon and a bunch of fries. A new fry bucket invites park-goers to go wild with all those potatoes and then have the container as a souvenir for later. The bucket has a carrying strap and even lights up in the back where the ship’s engines go. Altogether, it's very cute and will no doubt attract a bunch of people who love Star Wars and can’t resist a french fry. You can grab one of these nifty buckets at Galactic Grill inside the Tomorrowland section of the park for $25. Mobile ordering will probably make the entire process easier as the lines can get a bit long. (Add in the fact that the design might be pretty popular with the recent release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and you start to get the picture.)


If that weren’t enough fun, there have been reports that R2-D2 is now roaming around Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland as well. The little droid used to be posted up in the Droid Depot back when the section of the park opened to the public last year. Initial interactions with The Orange County Register indicate that the character migrates between Smuggler’s Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. The latter attraction doesn’t open up in the California location until January 17th, but people were very surprised to show up and see R2 rolling around through the crowds and even stopping for pictures occasionally.

If you’re looking to really drop a staggering bit of cash, you can purchase a full-size replica for $25,000. Over in purchases that are a little bit more affordable, some of the new lightsabers available in that section of the park include Ben Solo’s lightsaber and a different version of Luke’s saber after it was re-forged. Fans reported seeing them both shortly after the movie made it’s debut in theaters. There’s so much to see and do at Galaxy’s Edge, and now there’s even more to eat as you go around and sample all of the wonders.