Star Wars: New Details Reportedly Emerge About Key 'Episode IX' Alien

The upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX has a difficult task, as it has to conclude the Skywalker Saga and deliver fans a fulfilling ending to a narrative that launched more than 40 years ago. In that regard, it has to not only honor characters who have been around for decades, but also deliver a satisfying story for characters who debuted in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. When reportedly leaked artwork for the new film debuted online last month, fans caught a glimpse of an all-new alien, leading fans to wonder about the character's origins. A new report seemingly reveals how the new alien factors into the upcoming movie's plot and its relation to the sequel trilogy's new characters.

Over on Instagram, Bespin Bulletin posted an image of the character from the poster, noting that multiple sources revealed to them, "Rey meets the alien in the poster, I don't know if she's alone or with Poe, Finn etc. but Rey meets the alien and even though the alien itself isn't important, this encounter leads to something much more important which is part of the evolving McGuffin in Star Wars: Episode IX."

Various reports about the upcoming film have claimed that Rey would go on one journey while Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca would embark on another, with this latest report falling in line with previous speculation. However, previous films in the sequel trilogy have introduced all-new characters who played a minimal part of the narrative, like Maz Kanata or Star Wars: The Last Jedi's DJ, who never earned a position on the poster.

Another interesting point is that characters like Captain Phasma have previously been given major placement in promotional materials, only to end up playing minimal roles in the actual film, so giving an interesting-looking character prominent placement in advertising could be the continuation of a trend by Lucasfilm.

With Star Wars Celebration kicking off later this month, we'll likely get some of our first answers about Star Wars: Episode IX before the film hits theaters on December 20th.

Do you think this character's poster placement could possibly be a misdirect?

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