Star Wars: Fan-Made LEGO Darksaber Will Unite Mandalore

Taylor Walker is a Star Wars fan and a LEGO fan, but for him that doesn't mean just building the sets the company mass-produces. The creative builder debuted a LEGO Darksaber just in time for this week's Star Wars Rebels episode, "Legacy of Mandalore," which will continue to focus heavily on the legendary weapon. What's more, Walker's Darksaber is life-size and sturdy - sturdy enough to actually wield in action (though we imagine not against any lightsabers or Mandalorian warriors).

Darksaber Swoosh

The Darksaber is just the most recent of Walker's impressive geeky LEGO creations, which include a Captain America shield - and a Hydra variant of that, custom ships, a classic Jurassic Park SUV, Portal figurines, and more. Check out his flickr for his multitude of items.

The Darksaber

As for the Darksaber within Star Wars lore, the weapon, which debuted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is front-and-center again this week on Star Wars Rebels when Sabine Wren brings it back to her home in an attempt to begin uniting Mandalore against the Empire and recruiting them to the Rebellion. In the last new episode of the series, we finally learned the origins of the Darksaber, a creation from hundreds of years before the "modern" events of Star Wars movies and TV series, designed by the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla. As a descendant of Tarre's family, Sabine is a rightful wielder of the weapon, though some other Mandalorians are likely to take umbrage with that when the series returns from its four-week hiatus this week.

Take a closer look at Taylor's design for the Darksaber in his flickr album.

(Photo: Lucasfilm Animation (top) / Taylor Walker (bottom))

Star Wars Rebels airs Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney XD, and follows the adventures of Hera (Vanessa Marshall), Sabine (Tiya Sircar), Zeb (Steve Blum), and the Jedi Kanan (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) and Ezra (Taylor Gray), a small crew that's finding their way in the nascent Rebel Alliance a few years before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Executive produced by Simon Kinberg and Dave Filoni, the in-canon series helps to connect the worlds of the films and the previous animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, with guest appearances so far by characters like Lando Calrissian, Ahsoka Tano, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Leia Organa, Wedge Antilles, and more.

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