Ron Howard's 'Star Wars' and 'Arrested Development' Mash-Up Wins the Internet Today

Ron Howard built an impressive career in the world of filmmaking over the years, though his talents extend far beyond directing, with one of his most memorable roles being the narrator of the TV series Arrested Development. Following the announcement that Howard would step in to finish Solo: A Star Wars Story after the departure of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, countless jokes surfaced on social media referencing his contributions to the sitcom. As a guest on The Star Wars Show, Howard helped create a hilarious mash-up of the Star Wars franchise with Arrested Development, which you can see in the video above.

There's much to enjoy in the segment as it offers plenty of references for fans of both franchises, from musical cues to mentions of obscure characters to the dialogue, "And that's why you always leave a note." The mash-up is a must-see for fans of the sitcom.

In addition to the video being entertaining, it offers an opportunity to remember how fun the franchise is, especially given many of the dramatic elements of the most recent film to hit theaters, The Last Jedi. While Solo has plenty of action and excitement, the film's cast has often reminded audiences of how fun the upcoming film will be.

"It has a lot of jokes. A lot of humor," star Alden Ehrenreich shared with The Star Wars Show earlier this year. "You spend a lot more time dealing with the feelings and the inner life of the characters and kind of all the characters in a certain way, in this one."

While standalone film Rogue One leaned more heavily into espionage side of the saga, Solo will highlight the more light-hearted themes found throughout each installment in the series. Star Donald Glover echoed Ehrenreich's comments about what to expect from the film.

"I think it's just a lot more fun. All the Star Wars [movies] are really fun but I think this movie, we know what's going to happen, we know they're not going to die, ya know?" Glover told Entertainment Tonight of how the film compares to the rest of the saga. "We know, kind of, what happens, but how we got there, I guess, is the crux of it. So we're allowed to have a lot more fun than I think the other movies where you have to deal with a lot of the lineage in what's going to happen. I think this movie's, like, just a fun, summer film. I'm really excited about it. It's really cool."

Solo: A Star Wars Story lands in theaters on May 25th.


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