Star Wars: The Mandalorian Producers Reveal George Lucas' Reaction to the Series

Star Wars: The Mandalorian was a major success - but how did George Lucas feel about the series? [...]

Star Wars: The Mandalorian was a major success - but how did George Lucas feel about the series? The Mandalorian's producers answered that very question in a recent interview THR, which dealt with the phenomenon of Mandalorian season 1 and its Child character (aka "Baby Yoda"), as well as teasing what's to come in season 2. However, it may disappoint fans to hear that Mandalorian showrunner (and Star Wars animation guru) Dave Filoni doesn't have much in the way of Juicy gossip about Lucas' reaction to The Mandalorian, as George Lucas didn't offer the same impassioned reaction that most fans did.

That's not a knock against George Lucas, though; as Dave Filoni tells it, he and George Lucas simply don't have that kind of relationship. It's more of a mentor/student vibe that Filoni describes - one without a lot of excitable sentiment. When asked what kind of feedback George Lucas gave about the Mandalorian:

"Not a tremendous amount. We talk about other stuff. When I talk with him, I like to get more knowledge. He'll give me some reminders, especially before I shoot something, about how many setups I should try to get in a day, and I might rack his brain for certain things about how to cover a scene. He's been very complimentary. I think he's enjoyed the show, and he said once [that] now he gets to watch it as a fan and watch it as a viewer. My job is to bring that knowledge forward and pass on what I've learned from him in every discipline to Jon and to the creative departments."

Star Wars Mandalorian George Lucas Reaction Dave Filoni

Really, it's no surprise that George Lucas has a Jedi-like disposition when it comes to new Star Wars material. The guy who pioneered the franchise doesn't seem like the "most likely to fanboy" over new Star Wars content.

Then again, considering what Dave Filoni and co. have planned for The Mandalorian season 2. Clone Wars fan-faves Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Kryze Katan will make their live-action debut in season 2 (played by Rosario Dawson and Katee Sackhoff, respectively); Boba Fett will finally make a return (played by Jango Fett actor Temuera Morrison); and Star Wars fans could finally learn what happened in The Purge of Mandalore, a longtime franchise mystery. Then there's still the rematch between Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) and Mando (Pedro Pascal), with The Child caught in the middle. If that doesn't get George Lucas hyped, nothing will.

The Mandalorian season 2 will premiere on Disney+ this Fall.