Mark Hamill Corrects Saturday Night Live on Star Wars Incest Accusation

If there is one thing Mark Hamill is going to protect, it is Star Wars. The actor is known for a slew of roles nowadays, but he got his big break with Star Wars decades ago. Nowadays, Hamill has become one of the franchise's biggest advocators, and he's been more vocal than ever following the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. And after a barb from Saturday Night Live, Hamill is speaking up to correct a certain accusation.

Recently, Saturday Night Live put out a new episode, and it was there the Weekend Update addressed The Rise of Skywalker. The film has prompted all sorts of headlines given its place at the Skywalker Saga finale. Naturally, the comedy poked fun at some of the extreme reactions fans have had towards the film, but Hamill wanted to clarify things which Luke and Leia's incestuous kiss was brought up.

During the show, the Weekend Update pointed out the absurd reaction some fans had to The Rise of Skywalker's LGBTQ kiss. Saturday Night Live called it tame when you consider the first film featured incest between Luke and Leia. So naturally, Hamill had to pitch in with his take on the ordeal.

"SNL Weekend Update-"The new #StarWars surprised fans by featuring a gay kiss-which seems pretty tame considering the 1st movie had incest" WRONG! Since Luke & Leia were totally unaware that they were related in any way whatsoever-what they did was actually Innocestuous," the actor shared.

Of course, the actor is not wrong. Luke and Leia didn't know about their sibling status when they smooched all that time ago. It was not until the secret was revealed that Luke wised up, and all those steamy thoughts he had about Leia were blown away. For the pair, their attraction to one another was innocent and never intentionally incestuous, and they are not the only couple to ever experience such a dilemma. In fact, numerous cases in the real world have separated siblings unknowingly falling for each other later in life, so it seems Hamill has coined a term to describe this sort of discovery.


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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters now. You can check out The Mandalorian on Disney+ as well.