Star Wars: Mark Hamill Didn't Actually Dress as "Orange Vader" at Comic-Con

In addition to being one of the most active members of the cast of Star Wars on social media, Mark Hamill is also the one who most regularly playfully teases fans, from using dad jokes to posting memes in response to followers. During last weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, he joked that he was dressed up in an Orange Vader costume, which mocks Donald Trump, yet the truth has emerged that the actor wasn't actually dressed up as the character.

The actor shared the above tweet, linking to an article detailing the ruse, while adding the caption, "Breaking News: FANS SLAM SHAM-HAM SCAM- Actor Mark Hamill says it was all in good fun & simply a joke meant to playfully mind-trick his fans. He claims (without proof) most people enjoyed his massive San Diego Comic Con-Job!"

Throughout the weekend, the actor shared multiple comments about his incognito presence at the convention, which ranged from a mask of his own face to a First Order Stormtrooper to a police outfit.

The actor kicked off the weekend by tweeting, "There's an unsubstantiated rumor I'm at #SDCC right now wearing a mask to avoid being recognized (I'm not)-But if I really WAS there in disguise, would I lie about it to fool people-secretly talk to fans-attend panels & have fun? (I would)."

The teases continued from there, with the actor posting photos of himself in the aforementioned costumes while claiming to have appeared at various panels. Interestingly, all of the photos the actor posted were of him away from the convention floor, which could mean that he wasn't anywhere remotely close to the convention in the first place.

Hamill did manage to fool one celebrity, sharing a photo of himself while claiming to have attended the Brooklyn Nine-Nine panel. Star of the sitcom Terry Crews shared Hamill's tweet while adding, "UNREAL! If I'd have known...!!!"

The true identity of "Orange Vader" was confirmed as James Cherry, who has been cosplaying with the outfit since 2017.


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