Star Wars: Mark Hamill Quotes The Last Jedi While Sharing More Bernie Sanders Memes

There has been a whole lot happening on social media this week, but no one dominated the platforms quite like Bernie Sanders. Sanders went viral this week after an image of him sitting at President Joe Biden's Inauguration caught people's attention. The Vermont Senator was simply wearing a casual jacket and mittens, but the relatability of his pose clearly struck a chord with people as he was quickly memed into pretty much every single scene and scenario you can imagine. Countless celebrities have shared images of Sanders in their own movies and television shows, including Mark Hamill. The Star Wars actor shared some posts earlier in the week, but couldn't help but post some more today.

"Amazing. Every word of what I just tweeted is wrong... I can't get enough of these," Hamill wrote with images of Sanders in various Star Wars scenes. "I only know one truth... It's time for the @starwars/
@BernieSanders memes ... TO END," he added with four more photos. You can check out the photos below:

Soon after Sanders went popular for his Inauguration Day looks, the Senator commented on the Internet phenomenon during an interview with CBS This Morning. "Well, you know, in Vermont, we dress warm — we know something about the cold, and we're not so concerned about good fashion, we want to keep warm, and that's what I did today," Sanders revealed.

As for Hamill, the actor recently delighted fans when Luke Skywalker made a surprise cameo in the season finale of The Mandalorian. The show credited Hamill for the role considering it was his face and voice, but Max Lloyd-Jones stood in as the "Double for Jedi," playing the part on set. Hamill recently thanked director Peyton Reed for the chance to revisit his iconic character.


"Dear [Peyton Reed], I am so grateful to have been given the unexpected opportunity to revisit my character when he was still a symbol of hope & optimism. Your assured direction & kindness was a crucial element in the experience & means more to me than I can say. Thank YOU."

You can watch every movie in the Skywalker Saga and Star Wars: The Mandalorian on Disney+.