Reddit User Calculates 'The Last Jedi' as Most and 'Rogue One' as Least Divisive Star Wars Films

Not since the Death Star destroyed Alderaan has there been such a disturbance in the Force as the [...]

Not since the Death Star destroyed Alderaan has there been such a disturbance in the Force as the release of The Last Jedi, with some fans praising it as the best entry in the saga since The Empire Strikes Back while others request it be erased from official Star Wars canon. In hopes of determining if The Last Jedi was the most disputed entry in the saga, one Reddit user attempted to apply the data available to them to explore the theory, confirming that Last Jedi was the most divisive while Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was the least divisive.

User TheNeptunianSloth collected their data by going to IMDb to calculate ratings given to the films by registered users.

"What I did was I calculated the standard deviation from each film's set of ratings, which is a way of measuring how much the numbers, on average, deviate from the arithmetic mean of the set," the user described. "A typical standard deviation will generally be between 1 and 3. So the higher the standard deviation, the more divisive the film is."

This doesn't mean that they ranked how each film was rated, but rather compared the range of numbers used to compile the average score. For example, if a film had an average score of 6 with ratings of only 4 and 8, it would have a larger deviation than a film that had an average score of 5 after only receiving 5s. Regardless of the overall rating, the user calculated the widest range of scores, resulting in the following ranking:

  1. The Last Jedi - 2.696
  2. The Phantom Menace - 2.062
  3. Attack of the Clones - 1.914
  4. Revenge of the Sith - 1.837
  5. Return of the Jedi - 1.695
  6. The Force Awakens - 1.612
  7. A New Hope - 1.602
  8. The Empire Strikes Back - 1.517
  9. Rogue One - 1.405

The user described the numbers as follows:

  • "below 1.5 - high agreement
  • above 2.5 - low agreement (very divisive)"

With The Last Jedi having only been in theaters for a month, there are less data points to collect, but it is still clearly the entry with the widest spread of rankings in the whole saga, confirming that, at least according to IMDb users, it is the most divisive entry.

Understandably, the prequel trilogy follows The Last Jedi as divisive chapters, as they had been the most debated films in the saga since their release.

Possibly the biggest surprise is that Rogue One is the film fans agree about most, sitting at a 7.8/10 while A New Hope scores an 8.7 and The Empire Strikes Back sits at 8.8.

Perhaps the coming years will show more favorable perceptions of The Last Jedi, given that many of the negative reactions seem to spawn from the shocking developments for many of its characters.

The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

[H/T Reddit]