Star Wars Actor Oscar Isaac Reviews Disney World's Starcruiser Hotel

Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac gave fans his review of the brand new Galactic Starcruiser hotel. Now, the press recently got a chance to see what all the commotion was about. But, fans wanted to hear what the man who played Poe Dameron had to say about the digs. He told Disney Parks that, "nothing like that had ever been done before." In some other comments Isaac also mentioned that he had trouble finding the "seams" between where the fake elements existed and the original architecture took over. That's got to feel good for all the Imagineers who tried to bring this starship to life. The Moon Knight star went as far as to say that he kept looking around for more cameras because it felt like his work on the Star Wars films. He joked, "It feels like we should be shooting something, it's so surreal." So, if you just love Isaac, go ahead and check out the video down below.'s Charlie Ridgely got the chance to visit the Starcruiser last week. During the trip, he was stunned by the A.I. assistant you get in every room. D3-09 is a droid that a lot of visitors will be talking about after their star. The Imagineers said that having the droid be an evolving element of your strip was a big goal for them.

"The goal was for this to be a character that you get to know, that changes based on how you interact with her, but also she's along for the ride as well," Dawson Dill, senior R&D Imagineer and D3's creative lead, told "So as the events on the Halcyon Starcruiser unfold, those events affect her and how they affect her are made up with the decisions that the guest makes. So from a development perspective, I think it was a fun challenge to bring D3-O9 to life because it was a technology piece. It's using speech recognition, natural language, understanding, whole bunch of fancy conversational design technology that we've been developing."

"But then you have a narrative component because at the core it's about a character," he added. "At the end of the day, you want to go in there and talk to a character and have that character shift and change. And also for us, the interaction is just as important as the words. So, are you betraying D3-O9? Are you trying to get D3-O9 to become your friend? Are you helping her to trick the First Order? Or are you helping the First Order to trick D3? There's a lot of different ways we wanted to be able to play it and make sure that D3-O9 felt like just another member of the crew."

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