Star Wars: Diego Luna Excited to Spend More Time Piloting in Rogue One Prequel

Part of what made Rogue One: A Star Wars Story so compelling was its diverse ensemble of [...]

Part of what made Rogue One: A Star Wars Story so compelling was its diverse ensemble of characters, though that formula prevented audiences from learning much about each character's backstory, with Diego Luna recently sharing that his excitement over the upcoming prequel series on Disney+ includes getting the opportunity to pilot more ships in exciting sequences. Audiences witnessed Cassian in a variety of intense situations, yet the film overall lacked many intergalactic space battles, which the upcoming prequel series could potentially change. While he might not have gotten as much time to helm high-tech ships, the actor professed his joy of the experience on the set of the original film.

"To have more time to develop the character, and to pilot a little longer, you know?" Luna shared with Rotten Tomatoes of what excited him about the project. "It's amazing. When you're piloting, the thing actually moves, you know? It's fantastic. I just wanted to do more and more and more. But to be honest, it was something I really wanted to happen and I'm glad it's happening."

The debut of Rogue One marked an ambitious endeavor on the part of Lucasfilm, as it was their first Star Wars film to hit theaters that didn't incorporate members of the Skywalker family. The film proved to be a major success, though the nature of the story and it concluding with the events of Star Wars: A New Hope made the continuing adventures of the characters seem impossible.

Luna pointed out that, by knowing where the journey ends, it offers a new approach to telling a story that will offer a number of advantages.

"Now we can do magic, right? And go back in time and say we're going to tell a story that happened before the film," Luna admitted. "I'm going to look younger, and I'm going to get to play with those toys again. It's nice to start something you know how it's going to end. It's a different approach, and the beauty is that people already have a connection with that character, so now we're going to tell you what had to happen for Rogue One to exist."

The prequel series was first announced back in 2018, though no official details have since been revealed about when it could head into production. Stay tuned for details on the series.

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