'Solo: A Star Wars Story': Ewan McGregor Freaked Out When He Saw Maul's Cameo

One of the best-kept secrets of Solo: A Star Wars Story was an appearance by Maul, whose last live-action appearance was in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Actor Ray Park detailed on The Star Wars Show that, during the film's premiere, his former Phantom Menace co-star Ewan McGregor could hardly contain his excitement when the former Sith appeared on screen.

While recalling the premiere screening, Park detailed that McGregor became so excited that he grabbed the actor and began shaking him, so much so that the reaction distracted him from seeing how his appearance looked in the film.

Park added, "But it was so nice for him to be like that with me, and to hear that reaction [to Maul] in a movie theater. I heard stories about it in '99, where people were going crazy, so to sit there and experience that with my kids. And my son turned over to me and went, 'Oh, this is the movie you're doing?' it was a thrill. I'm so grateful."

In addition to his enthusiasm to reprise the role he debuted in Phantom Menace for the standalone Star Wars film, Park recently made it clear he is just as excited to play the character again in a future film.

"If anything ever happens in the future and the character is back, and it's me? I have a lot of great ideas of what I'd like to do with it," Park shared with Forbes.

McGregor's enthusiasm for Maul's appearance could transition into the actor becoming Obi-Wan Kenobi in a future film, though he has regularly expressed there are currently no plans of that nature.

"I would totally do it, of course," the actor shared when asked if he would return to the Star Wars saga as a guest on The View. "There are no plans as such to do it, as far as I know."

Since McGregor's last appearance in the Star Wars saga with Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, he has regularly confirmed his interest in playing Kenobi in another film. He's mentioned this so much that even he admits that it feels like he's begging for work with all of his confirmations.

The actor joked, "I've answered 'yes' so many times it looks like I'm touting for work!"

With no other spin-off films officially announced, it's unclear if we'll see either performer again in a future Star Wars film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available instantly on September 14th digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD and on Movies Anywhere and on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and On-Demand on September 25.

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