'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Villain Name Potentially Revealed

Fans are well aware that the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story would focus on Han Solo, Chewbacca, [...]

Fans are well aware that the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story would focus on Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian's early years of gambling and smuggling, yet we haven't known the big threat these heroes would face. After some detective work exploring film-related consumer products, the name of the film's major villain may have been revealed: Enfys Nest.

The exploration began with the folks at Yakface discovering the GoldenLink website, which reportedly offers movie theater tie-in products for various properties. Upon discovering some soda cup toppers featuring characters from the film, the site noted that the topper modeled after the helmeted villain from the film was named "Enfys Nest," with other character toppers being named after their obvious namesakes of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Range Trooper, and L3-37.

han solo movie star wars villain
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

This seemed like an obvious enough reveal, while more clues pointed towards this being the character's official name.

After more exploration, Yakface came across the below logos, which lend credence to the character's identity.


It's unclear what the above logos will be used for, but it's easy to see the connection between the images and the character.

Fans know little about the character, other than its intimidating appearance, with countless rumors emerging that have attempted to pinpoint the film's main threat.

Based on early reports from the film, audiences knew that Han Solo would have an involvement with the Galactic Empire, which immediately hinted at an Imperial threat. As more details and the film's trailer emerged, we learned that Han joins the Empire's piloting academy, only to abandon it, which could be the extent of his involvement with the nefarious organization.

Another possibility was that Jabba the Hutt would play a role in the film, which could still be possible, despite no official confirmation from Lucasfilm on the character. Fans have known that Jabba had a price on Han's head for quite some time prior to the original trilogy, making it possible that the bounty exists in Solo, with Enfys Nest being a bounty hunter aiming to claim the prize.

Lucasfilm has previously teased audiences with an entire film featuring Boba Fett, and with the studio being relatively silent on that notion, it's possible that the bounty hunter could appear in Solo in some capacity, offering audiences another look at the bounty hunter while not committing to an entire feature film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story lands in theaters on May 25.

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