Star Wars: Rumored Working Title and Plot Details for The Acolyte Revealed

The Acolyte is the most mysterious of all the Star Wars TV series currently in development for Disney+. We know that The Acolyte will be set in the time period of the new Star Wars: The High Republic line, which is set 200 years before the Skywalker Saga begins. However, at the same time, it's been indicated that The Acolyte will mark the end of The High Republic era, making it a potentially pivotal chapter of the Star Wars franchise. Now there are new rumored details about The Acolyte floating around online, which may reveal some key story details, as well as the show's working title. 

According to Illuminerdi's report, The Acolyte will (as theorized) examine a key pivot point from the Star Wars canon: how the age of prosperity that was The High Republic fell into the shadow of the dark side again. The reason The High Republic was an age of prosperity had a lot to do with the fact that the Sith Empire had been destroyed by the Jedi Order, leaving the light side of the Force reigning strong. Obviously, The Sith rise again in power since Darth Sidious is plotting the downfall of both The Republic and The Jedi by the time the Skywalker Saga starts in The Phantom Menace. But how and when the Sith began to bounce back is a mystery that certainly needs to be answered, in order to properly bridge the canon together. 

The Acolyte's working title will reportedly be "Paradox," and it's a title that will certainly get Star Wars chat threads going with theories about what kind of inside joke (or big secret) that title is implying. The main character in the series will reportedly be named "Aura," although it's obviously not yet official, and could conceivably be code for a different character name entirely. Since The Acolyte is taking place in a totally unexplored space in Star Wars canon, there may not be a whole lot to reveal in the main character's name. 


One of the writers of the Star Wars: The High Republic books and comics, Cavan Scott, seemed to indicate to our Comicbook Nation Podcast that The Acolyte will indeed be its own sort of standalone story even if it does chronicle a pivotal point in the battle between the light and dark sides of the Force: 

"What happened was people were getting excited about the High Republic as we were creating it, which was great to see, and there have been all these other plans as well but the great thing that Star Wars is so good at is taking the 'Things been worked on over here. This thing's been worked over on here, so let's bring it together...  the High Republic as an era goes on for an awfully long time, because, you know, it's that period of time before the fall of the Jedi. And so, it's been really exciting to sort of see other threads of Star Wars coming in as they've been developed as well and, and see us all working together to get to that for those final points. But yeah, it's going be exciting isn't it?"


The Acolyte is expected to go into production in 2022.