'Star Wars': The Internet Thinks Keanu Reeves Should Play an Older Kylo Ren

With The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans met one of the most complicated characters in the saga with Kylo Ren, whose adventures continued and got even more complicated in The Last Jedi. Adam Driver has received much praise for his performance of the character, but the internet thinks that, were an actor required to portray an aged Kylo Ren, Keanu Reeves would be the perfect choice.

Comic book creator Mark Millar took to Twitter to show off just how similar the actors look, making it hard for fans to distinguish which was the unaltered image.

star wars the last jedi keanu reeves adam driver
(Photo: Twitter/mrmarkmillar)

Many of Millar's followers echoed his sentiments, teasing a variety of mashups between Kylo Ren and Keanu Reeves-starring films.

Shooting for Episode IX is set to take place early next year and we wouldn't assume there would be a very long gap between the events of that film and The Last Jedi, but maybe further down the line, Reeves could lend his acting talents.

One of the biggest similarities between the characters are their hairstyles, but concept art for The Last Jedi recently revealed Kylo almost sported a drastically different coif.

kylo ren the last jedi bald adam driver
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Revealed in the book The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Phil Szostak, Kylo was, at one point, designed with a bald head in mind. It's unclear, however, if this look were to have been adopted by the Sith before the events of The Last Jedi took place or if at one point in the original script, he shaved his head.

One of Kylo's biggest motivations in The Last Jedi is the destruction of one's past, so it would make sense that he would want to abandon his former image completely. The First Order features well-groomed officers, which would make Kylo's shaved head a clear statement that he wasn't a member of the military organization.

Another possibility is that, with both Darth Vader and Supreme Leader Snoke being bald, Kylo had attempted to appear more similar to them, much like his choice to don a helmet that provided no actual assistance other than intimidation.


Fans can see Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi, which is in theaters now.

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