Peter Mayhew Tweets Star Wars "Leak"

Star Wars fans are currently at their highest alerts for The Last Jedi spoilers as many already have tickets for showings within the next few days. Peter Mayhew might not be playing Chewbacca in the upcoming film, but that didn't stop him from taking to Twitter to tease fans about a Star Wars "leak."

star wars leak peter mayhew
(Photo: Twitter, TheWookieeRoars)

Star Wars has always had a tradition of having the most bizarre pieces of merchandise available to fans, with The Force Awakens taking things to an all-new level.

To build excitement for the movie, Star Wars delved further into the world of food-based marketing materials, branding not just macaroni shapes or cereals with the Star Wars property, but even emblazoning bananas and oranges with recognizable characters.

It's unclear if Mayhew merely snagged the sticker from a different piece of merchandise to put on the above vegetable or if these truly are Star Wars-branded leaks, which isn't outside the realm of possibility.

The actor's joke was all in good fun, but Last Jedi star Mark Hamill has actually leaked information through his Twitter account, sometimes on purpose and sometimes accidentally.

Back in September, a fan asked Hamill when we could expect a full-length The Last Jedi trailer, which Hamill responded to by encouraging them to watch Monday Night Football on October 9. He quickly tried to play it off as a joke, only for that date to have been when the new trailer debuted.

"Everything that I'm not meant to say is flagged, and Disney realized it was not my fault. They didn't flag it," Hamill recently explained to about revealing the information. "The trailer for The Force Awakens was the same week in October… There's no surprise. They followed the exact model as before.

"When I saw it in my book — because when they told me, it was months ahead — I flipped ahead and *points* trailer on that date. And when I saw someone speculate… I went through my book and it didn't have that mark on it. I said, 'Oh, cool.'"

The actor's reveal of the date might have changed Disney's plans, but it didn't make anyone less excited to tune in.

"But aren't you glad I did it? We're at least talking about it," Hamill pointed out. "You think, 'Gee, what a terrible thing it would be to get more people to watch your stupid trailer!' I mean, really? What's the problem? 'Well, it's mother's news. WE wanted to be the ones that said it.' I don't know when they announced it, but it's a storm in a teacup. But big deal over nothing."


Fans can see The Last Jedi for themselves when it hits theaters this Friday.

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