Does Princess Leia Die in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi?'

Star Wars: The Last Jedi teased one of the darkest and most harrowing chapters of the saga in its ominous trailers, and that somber tone was given real-world weight after Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher passed away late last year. With Fisher now gone, and Star Wars: Episode IX not even into production with returning director J.J. Abrams, fans have naturally had one big question about The Last Jedi: Does Leia die?

Now that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters we can finally reveal and discuss the long-awaited fate of Leia in the film. Obviously, this means you should only read on if you're not concerned with SPOILERS!





Carrie Fisher Princess Leia Star Wars The Last Jedi

Despite a harrowing near-death experience in space, and The First Order nearly making her rebel base on Crait into a tomb, General Leia Organa survives the events of The Last Jedi, living to fight another day.


Obviously, Leia living on through The Last Jedi leaves a huge dangling challenge for Episode IX: how to explain her absence, now that Carrie Fisher is gone. There are a lot of ways it could be done, as the Star Wars franchise has begun to excel at bringing back the original Star Wars characters through body doubles and/or CGI. It's already been said that Lucasfilm won't do such a thing for Episode IX - but you never know. Other options include recasting (fans would riot) or perhaps opening Episode IX on the funeral for Leia, which would be convenient and respectful all at once.