Star Wars: Mark Hamill Teases [SPOILER] Appears in 'The Last Jedi'

Throughout most of the marketing campaign for The Last Jedi, details about the film's plot and its surprises have been kept hidden from fans. With less than a week to go before the film's official release, star Mark Hamill may have just confirmed a huge surprise for fans.

***WARNING: Potential spoilers below for The Last Jedi***

The official premiere of The Last Jedi took place this weekend, which was attended by a variety of the franchise's current stars, celebrities and veterans of the saga. Frank Oz, who voiced and performed puppetry for Yoda, made a red carpet appearance. Hamill took to Twitter to highlight the post, questioning fans if his appearance was a spoiler.

star wars the last jedi mark hamill frank oz yoda
(Photo: Twitter/HamillHimself)

The actor highlighting another saga veteran appearing on the red carpet isn't necessarily a spoiler in it of itself, but given the variety of actors which the official Star Wars Twitter account shared photos of, Hamill singling out this specific tweet and mentioning spoilers all but confirms Yoda's appearance in the film.

Hamill isn't the first one to hint at Yoda's appearance in the upcoming film, as a company that created lights for the film also revealed the information.

Digital Sputnik took to their Facebook page last week to share the trailer for the upcoming film Mary Magdalene, for which they created the lighting equipment. The post then included an update that pointed out it had not only lit Jesus, but also Yoda.

digital sputnik star wars the last jedi spoiler

The post, in combination with the company only being a few years old, pointed towards an appearance of the former Jedi Master in The Last Jedi.

With Yoda having died in Return of the Jedi, he will clearly only appear in the form of a Force Ghost, but it's unclear if he appears to Luke, Rey or both.

This isn't the first time Hamill revealed key information about the film, even if the reveal was accidental.

Back in September, Hamill replied to a fan asking about the debut of a full-length trailer for The Last Jedi, with Hamill encouraging the fan to watch Monday Night Football on October 9. The actor attempted to dismiss the comment as being a joke, only for the trailer to officially debut that evening.

The actor recently shared with that he was merely replying to speculation surrounding that date and didn't officially know the trailer would, in fact, debut that evening. He also knew that, had he deleted his comment, it would've looked worse.

"I said, 'Look, if I take it down, it's going to bring more attention to it. Because by now somebody's screenshot it. And if I take it down, it will be confirmation it's true,'" Hamill pointed out. "'So let's just ignore it.' 'No, no, take it down.'"

"But aren't you glad I did it? We're at least talking about it," Hamill confessed. "You think, 'Gee, what a terrible thing it would be to get more people to watch your stupid trailer!' I mean, really? What's the problem? 'Well, it's mother's news. WE wanted to be the ones that said it.' I don't know when they announced it, but it's a storm in a teacup. But big deal over nothing."


The Last Jedi lands in theaters December 15.

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