'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Won't Focus On Han's Death

Star Wars: The Force Awakens shocked fans everywhere when it took the life of a Star Wars icon, but don't expect a lengthy grieving period in The Last Jedi.

ComicBook.com's J.K. Schmidt was on hand when the cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi gathered together to discuss the anticipated film, and when asked how the characters will deal with the death of Han Solo, John Boyega revealed that there just won't be the time needed to truly grieve.

“We’re just keeping it moving, to be honest with you, man," Boyega said. "It’s true. The pressure’s on, man. There’s no time…In terms of Han, I’m sure we all feel sentimental – if someone were to sit Finn down, sit Rey down. But Rey’s off training, she’s got stuff to do. I’ve got a back injury, I’ve got stuff to do. I can’t think about Han at the moment.”

Everyone's scrambling just trying to keep the resistance and what it stands for alive, and that doesn't exactly allow for mourning.

“We’re trying to survive," Oscar Issac said. "The First Order is right on top of us. It is like war – you just gotta keep moving to try and survive. So I think you feel the momentum of everything that happens in The Force Awakens just pushing and getting to a critical mass in this film.”

Solo's death was a shocking one, but actor Harrison Ford is just happy it finally happened and in a way that could bring in some new talent.

"I'd been begging to die for the cause for a couple of years," Ford told the Tonight Show. "I thought Han Solo's got no mama, got no papa, doesn't believe in the Force. What can we do here? What's his ultimate utility? To sacrifice himself for others. Well, they figured a different idea, but it worked for them, worked for me, and brought on some fresh horses."


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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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