Star Wars: The Mandalorian Includes Hidden Battlestar Galactica Easter Egg in Season 2 Premiere

The season two premiere of The Mandalorian was filled to the brim with easter eggs and references. Not only did showrunner and director Jon Favreau throw in a reference to his first Marvel Studios movie Iron Man, he had throwbacks to the original Star Wars trilogy in unlikely places and even a reference to a franchise not owned by The Walt Disney Company. As Mando and Baby Yoda arrive in the opening scene they're surrounded by buildings covered in graffiti which features some interesting pieces like Jawas, the Rebel Alliance insignia, what appears to be a Snowtrooper, and even what looks like a recreation of Ralph McQuarrie's concept drawing of C-3PO. But as Yoda says, there is another.

Tucked in the middle of one shot is what appears to be none other than a classic Cylon from sci-fi franchise Battlestar Galactica. The iconic mask of the robots from the franchise are unmistakable as they can be seen below, though it's certainly possible that the graffiti is intended to be what someone thinks Darth Vader looks like following the fall of the Empire. It's worth noting that Battlestar Galactica wouldn't exist without Star Wars though, first launching on television in 1978 after Star Wars became a global phenomena, so the graffiti acting as a reference to BSG seems to fit perfectly.

mandalorian battlestar
(Photo: Disney+)

It's also worth pointing out that even though Battlestar Galactica has been rebooted for the small screen before, it's set to return two fold. The iconic sci-fi series is in development as yet another television reboot with Michael Leslie, who wrote the Assassin's Creed movie and who is the showrunner of AMC's The Little Drummer Girl, set to create, write, and executive produce a version fo Peacock with Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail. It was also confirmed last month that X-Men: Dark Phoenix's Simon Kinberg had been tapped to write and produce a feature film reboot of the property. It's unclear what sort of interaction, if any, that film and series will have when or if they both come to fruition.

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