Choose Your 'Star Wars' Toaster Wisely


Would it be weird to have like, five toasters in a kitchen? We're asking because several new Star Wars toasters have hit the market, and we simply can't bear the thought of missing out on toast that's emblazoned with a droid or a spaceship of some sort.

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Assuming that owning multiple Star Wars toasters isn't possible, which one would you choose? Here are some of your current options:

The R2-D2 Toaster
The Yoda Toaster
The Darth Vader Toaster
Darth Vader Toaster (Helmet Version)
The Death Star Toaster
The Millennium Falcon Toaster
The Stormtrooper Toaster


All of the toasters featured here will brand your toast with a Star Wars-themed silhouette that includes logos, droids, or ships. Any one of them would make for a fun holiday gift for a die-hard fan of Star Wars and toast. However, if your Star Wars fans prefers homemade waffles, follow me down the nerdy small appliance rabbit hole. More of a cereal person? We've got you covered there too.