'Star Wars: Episode IX' Rumor Reveals Details About Lando Calrissian's Role

Star Wars: Episode IX will make its grand entry to theaters this winter, but details on the film are few and far between. To date, the movie has yet to make its title known, but some details from the Star Wars set have come to light as of late.

So, if you are ready to hear the latest chatter about Lando Calrissian's bit in Episode IX, then get ready. A new rumor is going about the sci-fi fandom, and it is all about the fan-favorite rogue.

Recently, Making Star Wars went live with a new report on Episode IX. The popular fan-site claims to have unearthed details about the Star Wars entry, and they say Lando doesn't have the big role some fans may have wanted.

"Lando Calrissian doesn't have a really large role in the story," Making Star Wars writes. "Supposedly he acts as a Maz Kanata type of character that points the way on the heroes path to obtain the MacGuffin."

Continuing, the report makes mention of how Lando will dress in the sequel. Billy Dee Williams is said to wear a yellow shirt similar to the one Donald Glover wore in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Still, Making Star Wars says Lando will busy himself up with a "fancy blue cape" and a cane to boot.

So far, concrete details about Episode IX are hard to come by. No official look at the sequel has been released despite its on-going production. Recently, BB-8 and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) wrapped their bit with the sequel, prompting fans to speculate a teaser or title reveal is imminent. Still, no such reveal has gone live, leaving fans to eye Star Wars Celebration's spring schedule as a prime announcement venue. Until then, stars like Mark Hamill and John Boyega will continue trolling fans about the big reveal until Disney gives the final go-ahead on this final installment of Star War's sequel trilogy.

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Star Wars: Episode IX will land in theaters on December 20th.