The Mandalorian Already More in Demand Than Stranger Things

While Disney+ didn't have a ton of original programs available at launch, its cornerstone TV [...]

While Disney+ didn't have a ton of original programs available at launch, its cornerstone TV series, The Mandalorian, is already becoming a phenomenon amongst fans, whether they are longtime Star Wars supporters or fairly new to the franchise. Each new episode of the Disney+ original series trends on social media upon its release every Friday, leaving fans waiting for the new installments to arrive. The demand for The Mandalorian is high, plain and simple. That may come from the fact that it's the first live-action Star Wars TV show, that it's released on a weekly basis, or maybe that it's just a great show. Regardless, the demand for The Mandalorian has already surpassed that of other popular streaming shows, including Netflix's hit series Stranger Things.

New statistics from Parrot Analytics, via Forbes, reveal that the demand for The Mandalorian in its first seven days of release is significantly higher than the demand for Stranger Things in the first seven days of its highly-anticipated second season. According to the numbers, the demand for The Mandalorian is 69.8% higher after seven days than the demand for Stranger Things Season 2 during that same time period.

When you compare the numbers to other shows not named Stranger Things, the gap between them and The Mandalorian becomes massive. Demand for the new series is 72.3% higher than Doctor Who seven days after its Series 11 debut, 175% higher than Westworld following its Season 2 premiere, and 298% higher than Star Trek: Discovery after its second season arrived.

The Mandalorian polling higher than the majority of those shows shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering Disney+ received more than 10 million sign-ups in its first 24 hours. However, coming in so far ahead of Stranger Things should tell you just how invested in The Mandalorian people have already become. Stranger Things become a bonafide obsession following the release of its first season, so the hype for Season 2 hit unprecedented levels.

It's almost shocking to see that there is more demand for the new Disney+ series following its release than the second installment of Stranger Things. Imagine how much more demand there will be for the series once Season 2 rolls around next year.

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New episodes of The Mandalorian are released every Friday on Disney+. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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