The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira Weighs In On Fan Response To Season 6 Finale

Michonne TWD
(Photo: AMC)

Actress Danai Gurira, who plays the deadly Michonne on The Walking Dead, had the fortunate luck to miss most of the upheaval from the season 6 finale.

Now that she's back stateside, fans want to know what she thinks about those final scenes, as well as her outlook on the reaction the divisive episode received. She opened up about what her character felt going to face to face with Negan in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

"It was horrifying because you know something imminent is about to happen and you're completely out of control, and for these characters like Rick and Michonne, to not be in control is just, it's the most painful thing. In Michonne's mind it was really about however, I was like she just would not not look him in the eye, because there's no way she was going to let him take everything from her, so I'm just going to keep looking you in the eye. Whatever happens right now, you can't take me from me."

As for the reactions to the episode, she doesn't think they're that out of line.

"I was out of the country till literally last night, but I think that everyone's response is valid, and I think we're on a very, you know the arc of the story as a whole is a huge story, and there's gonna be responses that, you know people are going to respond in various ways to various things, so I think everyone's response is valid."

A very well done press answer to be sure, but a positive way to look at things. I love the eye contact thing, a small detail that not many will notice, but one of the many reasons that this show and the actors involved continue to impress.