The Walking Dead: Dwight's Scar Will Be Explained In Season 7

Since Dwight reappeared on The Walking Dead last season, fans have been wondering how he got the scar on his face.

If you recall, the left half of Dwight's face is covered in a burn, and it has affected his hair growth as well. It's a brutal scar, but the story behind it was never explained.

According to the actor who plays Dwight, Austin Amelio, we will find out exactly what happened this season.

In an exclusive interview with's Walking Dead Insider Brandon Davis, Amelio opened up about his experience with the scar.

He first began talking about how much work it was to get the make-up done each day. He claims that he spent anywhere from 10-14 hours each week getting the scar applied and removed. It took about 90 minutes for the scar to appear on his face, and another 30-60 minutes each night to take it off.

"I've gotten really close with my make-up team," Amelio joked.

(Photo: AMC)

After talking about the process, Brandon asked Austin if we would find out how he got the scar. The actor confirmed that we would definitely the story this season. Check it out:

"Yeah, absolutely, you're gonna see something with that involved."

In the comics, Dwight's burn was given to him by Negan as punishment.

Dwight's former lover became a wife to Negan, and the two slept together, breakign her vows with Negan. Instead of punishing her, Negan took his frustration out on Dwight, burning his face with an iron.


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This may not be how the story plays out on the show, but it seems highly likely. When Dwight first appeared, he was on the run with two women. One of them was his wife, whom we can assume had an agreement with Negan.

The next time we saw Dwight, he was looking a bit like Deadpool under the mask.

As season seven of The Walking Dead unfolds, we can expect to see much more from Dwight's character. Not only was Amelio upgraded to a series regular this year, Dwight is one of the main characters in the current Walking Dead comics.

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