'The Walking Dead' Had A Robocop Tribute Walker

The Walking Dead's executive producer Greg Nicotero tossed a Robocop tribute walker into Episode 8x02.

In the episode called The Damned, King Ezekiel's branch of Rick's army gave chase to a Savior in the woods. Along the way, they encountered some walkers, with Jerry swinging his axe to cut one interesting walker down. "What befell this creature?" Ezekiel asked upon seeing its apparent mutation.

To answer Ezekiel's question, it appears the same toxic waster that befell Emil in Robocop happened to spill out on this walker. In a post to Nicotero's Instagram page, the VFX genius writes, "Robocop 'Emil' tribute walker from last week's episode honoring the amazing work of Rob Bottin."

Check it out below!

Robocop “Emil” tribute walker from last weeks episode honoring the amazing work of Rob Bottin

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Bottin is known best for his make-up work on Fight Club, Se7en, Basic Instinct, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas according to hs IMDb page. Stiil, his work on title's such as The Howling, The Thing, and Robocop are among some of the most recognizable creations.

During a panel at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta over the weekend, Nicotero stressed the influence filmmakers such as George Romero have on his work. Clearly, Bottin is no exception.

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