'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x12 Sneak Peek Released

AMC has released an extended sneak peek look at The Walking Dead 8x12, "The Key."

Dwight has found himself back pretending to be a Savior after giving himself up in 8x11, leading a Savior search party away from the nearby group of exhausted Alexandrians, who were on the run after their walled-off community was bombed to near ruins in 8x08.

The freshly released preview for "The Key" sees Negan and the Saviors, lead by Simon, readying their walker guts-infected weapons to terrorize the defiant communities and force them back into line.

"Today is about scaring these people," Simon says. "Hit a few, let 'em turn. But don't kill 'em!"

Dwight rides shotgun.

"Top guy to top guy," Simon says, "I just want to know if, in your analysis, you believe these people are gonna cower and cave after we deliver what amounts to yet another warning."

"Don't get paid to think," Dwight says.

"Not true. I value your perspective, Dwight. You've been on both sides of the iron."

More than you know, Simon. Dwight keeps quiet.

"Well, if you're not gonna answer, let me extemporaneously express that I have my doubts this little maneuver is going to deliver the desired outcome," Simon tells him.

"You think we should do it different?" Dwight asks.

"No. No, no. Not at all. The big man's plan will get it done, no question."

He mulls it over. He has his doubts.

"We've thrown a lot at Rick, the widow, the King, and they just keep coming, keep fighting," Simon tells him. "You've seen it, I've seen it. Tallying it up, I keep seeing the same answer — they don't scare."

Simon stepped out of line in 8x10 when he ordered the slaughter of the Scavengers, disobeying Negan's orders to kill "just one."

The Savior second in command had grown frustrated with the garbage people, and it was that same episode he anxiously floated a suggestion to Negan: we cut our losses.

"They don't listen or don't understand the situation," he said in his pitch.

"So maybe we learn our lesson. Scrape the plates in the trash, move further out, find other communities to save."

A barely-keeping-cool Negan shot him down.

"What we do, saving people, it is hard," Negan said. "But it damn well works."

"Not lately," Simon said.

"Once I clip Rick," Negan told him, "everything's aces again, Simon."

Negan and Rick will come face-to-face for the first time since October's season 8 premiere in "The Key," airing Sunday, March 18 at 9/8c on AMC.



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