Watch The Opening Scene Of 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x12

The first couple of minutes from The Walking Dead's next new episode have made their way online.

Sunday's Episode 8x12 is called, "The Key." The official synopsis for The Key reads, "Hilltop's leadership faces a difficult dilemma after the arrival of unexpected visitors." The opening minutes, however, are centered around the leadership at the Sanctuary as seen in the video above.

A few creepy glares are shared between Negan, Simon, and Dwight to start the episode. Dwight, however, takes the opening moments as he rummages through the old cigarette box containing his and Sherry's wedding bands. He ponders them until Negan knocks on the door to welcome him home.

"It's damn good having you back," Negan tells him. "Things gotta get done. I need my top guys out in front acing that s---."

"Had yourself a close call, I hear," Negan says.

"I got ambushed," Dwight tells him before pointing out his bullet wound. "The rest didn't walk away. Well, until I got to the woods, kept going. Headed to Hilltop. I figured our people would be putting up a blockade sooner or later."

Negan analyzes Dwight's word, possibly questioning his loyalty, but rules: "Good job."

"Why don't you just slug a beer, put on your best vest, and get your a-- downstairs because, like I said, we got work."


The scene plays on the audience expectation of Negan discovering Dwight is betraying him and the rest of the Saviors. In fact, Dwight has gone so far as killing some of the Saviors to protect himself and the Alexandrian survivors. The only person with such knowledge who runs a threat to Dwight's secret is Laura but she ran off in the Mid-Season Eight finale and hasn't been heard from since.

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