When Does ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Return?

Fear The Walking Dead will return with its season 4 mid-season premiere Sunday, August 12, AMC revealed following Sunday’s mid-season finale.

The first half of season 4 concluded with the bombshell revelation that Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) had perished at the stadium, which we learn fell following an insurmountable influx of walkers.

Madison, who believed its reinforced walls would hold, imprisoned herself in the stadium, using a flare to lead a horde of walkers away from the fleeing survivors — namely children Nick and Alicia — drawing the flood into stadium’s innards, which Madison then lit aflame, killing herself in the process.

“None of us could get out of the parking lot. We couldn’t get back to the stadium. There were too many dead,” Alicia told documentarian Althea. “We reinforced the walls to keep the dead out. She knew they were strong enough to keep them in.”

“I was afraid to lose this place. Because I thought you needed it. To stay who you are right now,” Madison told her kids before her sacrificial play. “But you know it. No one’s gone until they’re gone.”

With their grudge dissipated, Alicia told Althea Madison’s last move was “never about the stadium.”

“It was about the people,” Strand said. Added Luciana, “It was about us.”

“That’s why my mom gave up her life,” Alicia said, now the lone survivor of both the Clark and Manawa clan.

The Walking Dead Twitter account confirmed the remaining half of the season would not bring back the shifting timelines exhibited in the first half of season 4, which jumped between the “then” and “now” timelines, set before and after the death of the stadium.

“It was the most massive episode to shoot. We all knew that this is what we’ve been mounting to with Madison’s death and the end of Nick in the flashbacks. It meant that this was really the end of one story and the beginning of another chapter,” Alicia actress Alycia Debnam-Carey told AMC.

“It was the final push for us to make it special and honor those characters and also say goodbye to them at the same time. It was really difficult. I think we all felt the same pressure leading up to it. In a way, there was a sense of relief once we finished, but it was all those months of emotions and heartbreak in one episode.”


“I think it might be my favorite episode we ever shot. It’s so beautiful and such a nice homage to those characters,” Debnam-Carey said. “There were so many different elements, too. We had practical effects in terms of gun fire and weapon training and stunt sequences. At the same time, there were these incredibly emotional scenes like the one around the campfire where everyone’s remembering Madison’s legacy and the scene where Morgan is trying to talk Alicia out of killing Naomi. It’s just so much. I hope we did it justice.”

Fear The Walking Dead returns Sundays this August on AMC.