Fear the Walking Dead; So, is Alicia About to Die?

Fear the Walking Dead might be killing off one of its major characters, and one of the the few originals remaining from the first season. Episode 5x07 implied as much, anyway.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x07 follow. Major spoilers!

In Sunday night's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia Clark may have been marked for death. Earlier in the season, newcomer character Grace revealed that certain walkers wearing necklaces containing a tool designed to measure radiation will be radioactive and infectious themselves. Of course, this means they can still infect people with the zombie virus through a bite or a scratch but their blood contains what can be billed as a poison of sorts which will kill anyone it gets on.

In Episode 5x07, Alicia Clark killed one of these walkers wearing such a necklace and the blood was splashed onto her face. Alicia realized as much and took on a gloomy outlook on life afterwards, ominously being told be Annie that she can "let go" now that she rescued the kids.

This isn't the first time it has looked like Alicia might be bowing out during Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead. Following the Season 5 premiere event, Alicia actress Alycia Debnam-Carey shared a photo on Instagram with a curious caption.

"How lucky I am to have had this incredible show for 5 years," Debnam-Carey wrote on Instagram. The past tense wording, claiming she "had" Fear the Walking Dead for five years made fans believe the actress might be implying an exit.

What this means for Alicia is unclear.

Morgan Jones encountered these walkers earlier in Season 5 and was apparently rescued by Grace when she put him through a rigorous shower. Alicia has made an effort to save herself in the event of the blood which got onto her containing the radioactive poison. In washing herself with some water, Alicia may have saved her own life, but the ominous conversations and her pessimistic attitude are certainly implying the writing might be on the wall for Alicia Clark, and it's written in blood.

We will get answers when Comicbook.com talks to the cast of Fear the Walking Dead at San Diego Comic Con next week.


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