AMC Finally Allowing F-Word In 'Walking Dead' Broadcasts

Fear the Walking Dead broke down some major walls for The Walking Dead's shared universe on Sunday [...]

Fear the Walking Dead broke down some major walls for The Walking Dead's shared universe on Sunday night. The AMC series used the F-word in a broadcast episode.

During a scene where Frank Dillane's Nick Clark discovered a massive herd of zombies headed to their community, the former drug addict character shared his reaction to the sight with a choice word. "F---," Nick said. It's not the first time AMC has allowed use of the F-word during the broadcasting of one of its popular shows, with Preacher and Halt and Catch Fire having used the language before, but it's the first time a Walking Dead series has pushed the language envelope so far.

It's a move which came a result of a policy change at AMC according to Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson.

"You get a specific number of curse words you can say, and then there's a list of what you can and can't do," Erickson told "I think it was our script coordinator who told me there was an email had come up; there had been a memo saying we could now say "f---" twice over the course of an entire season."

While Erickson promises Fear will fill its "F---" quota before Season 3 comes to an end, it would appear the policy will also allow The Walking Dead to use the word during a broadcast as well. "I don't know at what point AMC corporate decided to allow it, but they did," Erickson said.

Of course, this doesn't mean Negan is going to start spewing his favorite word around as he does in the comics but some of those popular F-takes which Jeffrey Dean Morgan performs on set might finally make their way onto cable. Seeing as the colorful language didn't make its way onto The Walking Dead's Season 7 blu-ray, fans eager to see and hear the extra language might just be getting their way when the show returns in October.

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The Walking Dead's sibling series Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead will return for its eighth season on October 22, 2017. The Season Eight premiere will mark 100 episodes overall for the popular AMC series. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

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