Walkers Paw at a Cat Named Skidmark in Fear the Walking Dead 504 Preview

AMC has released the preview for Fear the Walking Dead 504, "Skidmark." Per its official synopsis:

Charlie makes a friend, while Strand, Wendell, and Sarah's rescue mission hits a snag. Elsewhere, Alicia, Luciana, and Morgan struggle to fulfill their mission.

John (Garret Dillahunt) and June (Jenna Elfman) crossed paths with Dwight (Austin Amelio) at Humbug's Gulch, where Dwight followed clues left by missing wife Sherry (Christine Evangelista) before the trail went cold. Dwight is surprised to recognize and reconnect with Morgan (Lennie James), who welcomes him into the group: like him, they're all working to "start over" in light of past sins.

In 504, Strand (Colman Domingo), Sarah (Mo Collins), Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) will attempt to liberate a desperately needed plane from the clutches of the uncooperative Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades), who lives with only orange cat Skidmark for company.

"Salazar has had an incredible journey from where we left him at the end of Season 3 to where we will find him in Season Five," co-showrunner Ian Goldberg teased of Daniel's Season 5 involvement at an April convention.

"Over the course of Season 5 you're going to find out where he is now, what he's been through, and you're going to see how it's changed him. And we're going to see that the Salazar that we meet this season, while of course there's history between the characters, he's a changed man. Can't say how he's changed, but you'll see that there's been some real change there."

Daniel's tense reunion with Strand left the latter frustrated — he failed to secure much-needed help in the search for missing friend Althea (Maggie Grace) — but there's more still to come from Daniel when he resurfaces next.

"I'm really thankful to everyone for the support of the character, Daniel Salazar. I'm never sure what's going to happen here. And I think no one is," Blades said at WonderCon.


"In the show, all of a sudden you're there, and then you're not. The thing with Salazar is he's like a cockroach, very hard to kill. He's a survivor. So he keeps on going. I'm just very, very happy to be back with my old friends and my new friends. Thank you all, really, for keeping Salazar alive."