How has The Walking Dead deviated from the comics?

Season 7 of The Walking Dead is right around the corner, and most everyone is super excited.

To get in the mood, it is only appropriate to re-binge-watch the show.

TWD will be premiering in just over a month, on October 23rd; while re-watching from the start, it got more obvious as to how different some of the fan-favorite characters have been written for the show versus how things originally happened in Robert Kirkman?s comic of the same title.

We decided to put together an infographic to put in perspective how different the characters? lives have been so far.

Some of the major differences are with Carol and Sophia.

Carol: In the comic, Carol is very emotionally dependent on others. She seeks out romantic relationships to try to keep mentally stable. She gets romantically involved with Tyresse, until he cheats on her with Michonne. She then proposes a polygamous relationship with Lori and Rick, but that doesn?t go as she hopes. Carol decides to commit suicide by allowing a roamer to bite her. On the show, she?s a lot tougher. She is always fighting to protect the people she cares about and goes so far as to manipulate or kill anyone who is a threat.

Sophia: On the show, we lost Sophia very early on. The survivors spent most of season 2 looking for her until most have given up. When Shane demands that the barn gets opened up, Sophia emerges as a walker and Rick puts her down. In the comic, she is one of the only original survivors to still be alive. In addition, she and Carl become a couple for a short time.

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