Sons Of Anarchy Star Joins Cast Of Fear The Walking Dead

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the season two finale of Fear The Walking Dead.

In tonight's season two finale of Fear The Walking Dead, we learn that a legendary TV actor was cast in, what looks to be, a pivotal role in the show's third season.

When Ofelia is wondering through the desert, after her truck breaks down, she sees a man in the distance. She tries to hide behind a tree, but the man approaches with a gun on her.

Many fans thought this would turn out to be Daniel, Ofelia's "dead" father, but it wasn't.

Instead, it was a new character, played by Sons Of Anarchy alum Dayton Callie.

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(Photo: FX)

If you were a fan of Kurt Sutter's motorcycle drama, you will remember Callie for his role as old-time sheriff, Wayne Unser.

Unser was the the law in the small California town of Charming, and he let the Sons get away with much more than they should have. He also had an unhealthy love for the club's matriarch, Gemma, and it let to his ultimate downfall.

Unser was a key piece in the entire Sons Of Anarchy series, as he was one of the only characters that remained alive through all seven seasons. Dayton Callie played the part perfectly, and was often regarded as one of the best actors on the series.

When Callie's character finds Ofelia, he prompts her to go with him. He seems like he belongs to some kind of army or police department, but that doesn't mean he is one of the good guys.

Since we don't see the two characters for the second half of the finale, it likely means that he will be featured in the show's third season.


When Fear The Walking Dead returns in 2017, Dayton Callie is likely to see a large role come his way. To cast an actor that's a veteran of FX's number one series of all time (Sons Of Anarchy), as well as HBO's Deadwood, there must be a great role in store for his character.