Andrew Lincoln Doesn't Watch 'The Walking Dead'

After seven seasons of zombie-killing, apocalyptic mayhem, many fans would be able to point out [...]

After seven seasons of zombie-killing, apocalyptic mayhem, many fans would be able to point out their favorite episode of The Walking Dead.

But not Andrew Lincoln, who recently admitted he doesn't even watch the show.

While speaking with TV Insider about the upcoming season, Lincoln was asked about that monumental tease of a flash-forward in the series featuring 'Old Man Rick.'

"It's top secret, of course, and it's thrown a real curveball at the fans," Lincoln said. "I'm choosing to ignore the whole thing. I couldn't even look at myself in the old-age makeup. Couldn't bear it. I don't watch the show at all. I am allergic to my own face."

While that admission might be surprising to some die-hard fans of The Walking Dead, it's not out of the ordinary. Many people involved with the productions steer clear of the finished projects once they air on TVs or in theaters.

But the man behind Rick Grimes is still very much involved with the series and even expressed some dismay when he heard comic writer Robert Kirkman intimated that the leader of Alexandria wouldn't make it to the end of the story.

"I'm sad hearing that. But if it happened in the series it would also be a huge relief," Lincoln said. "I love the idea of completion. This has been an astonishing ride, but I need to cash in at some point. I know some fans hope for a happy ending to the show—like a cure for the zombie virus, perhaps. But, knowing Kirkman, I wouldn't bet on it!"

As far as the upcoming season goes, Rick has a major confrontation with Negan brewing in the 'All Out War.' And while many want to see the villain suffer for his crimes, the show might be better with him involved.

"Everywhere I go in the world people stop me to say, 'Will you please kick Negan's ass? Enough already!' But I find their relationship—and how each sees a part of himself in the other—to be quite thrilling," Lincoln said with a laugh. "If Negan must eventually get his just deserts, maybe we can stretch it out a little?"

The Walking Dead's sibling series Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead will return for its eighth season on October 22, 2017. The Season 8 premiere will mark 100 episodes overall for the popular AMC series. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

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